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Trump to visit France for D-Day 75th anniversary
US President Donald Trump is to visit Normandy in June this year for the 75th anniversary commemorations of D-Day, he has said. Mr Trump made the announcement during a reception of World War II veterans in the Presidential Oval Office, at the White House, in Washington DC. [Connexion FranceRead more...
[Posted: 2019-04-30 09:01:00]
Bernard DARGOLS, 98, died April 28, 2019
We have just learned that Bernard DARGOLS has died. Bernard DARGOLS landed on Omaha Beach with 2nd Infantry Division. Read more...
[Posted: 2019-04-29 22:00:00]
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Ingram, you have not been forgotten, thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Honored by Peter Warren
[Posted: 2019-06-06 23:09:23]
Ingram rests in a cemetery near where we live. We go there fairly often as we have a number of family members there. I found his grave a few years ago when I was looking at some of the graves that had flags on them for Memorial Day. I visited there today and brought a couple of roses and a poppy. I
Honored by Peter Warren
[Posted: 2019-06-06 23:05:51]
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  HAMILTON HARRY P was on Omaha Beach  

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