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Trump to visit France for D-Day 75th anniversary
US President Donald Trump is to visit Normandy in June this year for the 75th anniversary commemorations of D-Day, he has said. Mr Trump made the announcement during a reception of World War II veterans in the Presidential Oval Office, at the White House, in Washington DC. [Connexion FranceRead more...
[Posted: 2019-04-30 09:01:00]
Bernard DARGOLS, 98, died April 28, 2019
We have just learned that Bernard DARGOLS has died. Bernard DARGOLS landed on Omaha Beach with 2nd Infantry Division. Read more...
[Posted: 2019-04-29 22:00:00]
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Joseph, My wife and I came across your grave on my visit to Normandy. God bless you and thank you Joseph for your ultimate sacrifice in a battle with evil. When God awakes you from your sleep, Normandy will seem like just a bad dream.I look forward to that day for you and all the brave men who died
Honored by Jordan Kitover
[Posted: 2019-07-16 00:29:17]
I'm trying to get my dad (Carmen poliseno) a purple heart for his service in world war 2 after the fact. I believe he was on the same boat as William Gardner who was his commanding officer. my dad passed away in 2016 at the age of order to get him his purple heart I need to try and follow his
Honored by david poliseno
[Posted: 2019-06-19 18:10:47]
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Let us remember those young soldiers who changed the course of history with their sacrifice. Let us commit ourselves to remembering their sacrifice by cherishing the freedom they bought for all generations that follow. Honored by Laurent Lefebvre [August 21, 2019]

Hello Suzanne, my name is Charlie and I live in England, recently I visited the Normandy beaches (again) and brought back with me a small amount of sand off Omaha beach, if you would like me to send this to you as a memento to your brave father please let me know. There will be no charge. Regards. Honored by Charlie Smith [2015-07-09 14:48:44]

My father, George Burr, fought with Company M from Emporia, Virginia. He passed last March. Honored by Suzanne Burr Monaco [2014-12-04 22:34:37]

Mr. Burr you mentioned meeting a Sgt Moore, that was my Father Hubert Roy Moore cousin. Did you happen to meet my Father Hubert in Company M from Emporia, VA. Honored by Connie Gautreaux [2014-06-10 13:50:28]
To read 29th Infantry Division documents (after action report, diary, journal,...)
This company was to land in six boats at H+40. The landing was generally three hundred yards to left of their objectives. The boat of Lieutenant "Kelly" Athanaskos, however, landed in the area of the...(Group Critique Notes, 29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., D Co.)