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Trump to visit France for D-Day 75th anniversary
US President Donald Trump is to visit Normandy in June this year for the 75th anniversary commemorations of D-Day, he has said. Mr Trump made the announcement during a reception of World War II veterans in the Presidential Oval Office, at the White House, in Washington DC. [Connexion FranceRead more...
[Posted: 2019-04-30 09:01:00]
Bernard DARGOLS, 98, died April 28, 2019
We have just learned that Bernard DARGOLS has died. Bernard DARGOLS landed on Omaha Beach with 2nd Infantry Division. Read more...
[Posted: 2019-04-29 22:00:00]
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Allen Machan (He apparently went by Allen) was nephew to my Grandmother Genevieve Geddes. I was told as a child he died at D-Day but they didn't know any more details. His dad is Andrew Machan and mom is Hazel-Mae Machan, nee Goodman. Allen was born in Canada, as was his dad. His mom was born in Iow
Honored by Michael Geddes
[Posted: 2019-09-10 08:12:29]
Joseph, My wife and I came across your grave on my visit to Normandy. God bless you and thank you Joseph for your ultimate sacrifice in a battle with evil. When God awakes you from your sleep, Normandy will seem like just a bad dream.I look forward to that day for you and all the brave men who died
Honored by Jordan Kitover
[Posted: 2019-07-16 00:29:17]
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29th Infantry Division
29th Division, Headquarters Co. (After Action Report)
  Elements of Headquarters Company and attached units aboard LCI 414 landed on Omaha Beach in the vicinity of Vierville-sur-Mer at 1500 hours on 6 June 1944 for the participation of the invasion of ... Read more
29th Division, 115th Regiment (After Action Report)
  The 115th Infantry landed at 1025 hours, with the 1st and 2nd Battalions abreast on Fox Green beach, about 1000 yards east of that part of the beach on which it was intended to land. The 2nd Battalion ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., Command Group (Group Critique Notes)
  This is from the statement by Major Thomas S. Dallas, Bn Executive. The command group went shoreward in four boats from Princess Maud, these boats containing the Beachmaster and party for Omaha ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., Headquarters Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  The Company came in on three boats at H plus 40, got one burst of shell-fire on one boat (killing one man) during the approach, but otherwise met nothing but automatic fire. This, the enemy held ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., A Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  When the company was still 5000 yards out, the men saw the barrage from the rocket boats striking the water about 1000 yards to their right front. They saw nothing hit on their beach or anywhere near ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., B Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  The first boats from "B" hit the beach at H plus 26, and the general area of the landing was as indicated in the overlay. The sea had been so rough throughout the journey that all hands had had to ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., C Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  C Company, 116th Infantry, was brought to the beach in six boats. There were a headquarters boat, and five assault sections. The time of arrival was scheduled for H+50. Each of the boats arrived ten ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 1st Bn., D Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  This company was to land in six boats at H+40. The landing was generally three hundred yards to left of their objectives. The boat of Lieutenant "Kelly" Athanaskos, however, landed in the area of the ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 2nd Bn., Headquarters Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  116-2 Hq Co landed at the right end of Dog Red Beach at exactly H plus 30. This was its proper area, but the boats which were supposed to have landed on this beach 30 minutes earlier had landed ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 2nd Bn., E Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  E company arrived on schedule on the beach but was unloaded about 1100-1400 yards to the left of their objective. The assault wave was contained in six landing crafts, the headquarters section was ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 2nd Bn., F Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  This account tied in with that given by Company "F", 16th Infantry. The enemy strongpoint was the same as mentioned in the account of the 5th Section of Company "F", 16th Infantry. The men of the 5th ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 3rd Bn., I Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  The company consisted of two assault sections and four boat teams. The boats were so heavy loaded that the men could not sit down during the trip. The men felt there would have been fewer casualties ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 3rd Bn., K Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  The company was to come in as part of the reserve battalion. The boat loading therefore was different than the assault waves. Two boats were loaded in an assault manner in order that any emergency ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 3rd Bn., L Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  "L" landed on schedule at 0720, coming in the 2nd Battalion beach and landing behind some its elements. (Note: The place is indicated on the overlay. "M", coming in at the same time, was to the left ... Read more
29th Division, 116th Regiment, 3rd Bn., M Co. (Group Critique Notes)
  The Battalion landed as a whole about as the overlay indicates. "M" was supposed to land in the center but actually came in on the left on the Battalion. If the overlay is consulted, it will be seen ... Read more
29th Division, 175th Regiment (After Action Report)
  June 7, 1944, D plus 1, the 175th Infantry landed on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France beginning at 1230 hours. Several of F Company's and one of L Company's landing craft were destroyed by underwater ... Read more
29th Division, 104th Medical Bn. (After Action Report)
  Company A attached to the 115th Combat Team was divided into craft loads and embarked in LST 454 and LST 456 for the Invasion Coast of France at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer on the 1st of June. While ... Read more
29th Division, 110th Field Arty Bn. (After Action Report)
  5 June 1044. The advance parties and the assault elements of the Battalion completed loading in and near Plymouth Harbor. The Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel John P. Cooper, Jr., Battery ... Read more
29th Division, 121st Engineer Combat Bn. (After Action Report)
  The 121st Engineer Combat Battalion, less Company A, with the 112th Engineer Combat Battalion attached, landed on Omaha Beach as part of the 116th Infantry Combat Team, which was part of the First ... Read more
29th Division, 29th Signal Co. (After Action Report)
  In the invasion of French coast by the 29th Infantry Division, the 29th Signal Company played a prominent part in establishing and maintaining communications in support of the assault forces. The ... Read more
29th Division, 29th Military Police Plt. (After Action Report)
  At 0740 hours (H plus 70), 6 June 1944, two officers and thirty-four enlisted men, and advance traffic section of the 29th Infantry Division Military Police Platoon, attached to the 116th Regimental ... Read more
29th Division, 29th Cavalry Reconnaissance (After Action Report)
  The first platoon, 29th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troops Mecs. attached to the 116th Infantry Combat Team landed on Omaha Beaches 6 June 1944, 0800 hours (D-Day, H plus 30). It was divided into seven (7) ... Read more
29th Division, 29th Quatermaster Co. (After Action Report)
  On 1 June 1944 the 29th Quatermaster Company Company was lifted on LST's from Hards near Plymouth and Helsford River, near Falmouth, Cornwall, England. After preparation of the unit, for the Invasion ... Read more