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Sub-Lieutenant George "Jimmy" Green, 551 Flotilla, has died.
We have just learned that Jimmy Green has died. Sub-Lieutenant George Green carried the men of the A company, 116th Regiment, 29th Division onto Dog Green, Omaha Beach on landing craft in the very first minutes of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. Lire plus...
[Posté le: 2016-05-14 09:33:04]
Virginia Beach - Cary Lee Jarvis, 94, of Virginia Beach, died April 28, 2016
He was a staff sergeant when he landed D-Day, first wave, on Omaha beach, a member of the C-Battery of the 111th Artillery Battalion, 29th Division.  Lire plus...
[Posté le: 2016-05-03 19:10:18]
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My dad was certain that was him in the photo so was my mom who knew him the most. He landed on june 7th omaha beach. He was later attached to the 28th(bloody bucket) and captured in Honsfeld at the buldge. Escaped months later
Honoré par rich lang
[Posté le: 2017-02-17 21:26:34]
(continued) your Purple Heart in a cherished place. My father, John< spoke of your often and missed you terribly. Our thanks to you and all those like you that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in a free country.
Honoré par Richard Francis
[Posté le: 2017-01-10 15:46:34]
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2015-05-24 à 10:30 - COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER
Memorial Day at Normandy American cemetery
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[Posted: 2014-12-28 17:15:00]
2015-06-05 à 20:00 - COLLEVILLE-SUR-MER
2015 Band of Brothers Actor's Reunion in Normandy, France at Overlord Museum
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[Posted: 2014-12-28 17:17:00]
2015-06-06 à 19:30 - SAINT-LAURENT-SUR-MER
Giant picnic Omaha Beach
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[Posted: 2014-12-28 17:25:00]
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